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Steps in the process:
The parties to a dispute or their counsel will submit a proposed mediation schedule and summary as needed. Often cases are referred to us by the courts for purposes of mediation.

Mediation services are provided at our prevailing hourly rate. An estimate of the projected fee will be provided as part of a written agreement.

Time frame:
A mediation session, or sessions, can be conducted with little advance notice – subject to scheduling . We are aware of the desire to reach a quick resolution of your dispute and will do everything possible to accommodate the time frame of all parties involved.

What you should bring/know/have before coming in:
We will need a mediation summary from each of the parties to the dispute – normally prepared by the attorneys if they are represented.

We keep at the mediation session or process so long as progress is being made and the parties continue to negotiate in good faith. Sometimes this takes more than one session.