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Probate Checklist

Handelman Law Office has extensive experience representing individuals and families in matters involving probate law.  We take the time to understand your individual situation, goals, and desires so your precise wishes are met.

Steps in the process:
You will meet with the attorney to review the Will (if any), assets, next-of-kin, debts, and what type of probate will be required. You will be given an idea of the time frame involved and the probate process for your particular situation. Our office will also advise you about non-probate issues such as survivorship deeds and estate taxes. You will receive a file-stamped copy of everything that has been filed with the court.

At your appointment you will receive a written outline of the attorney fees, costs and at what stage those need to be paid.

Time frame:
The Probate Court Rules set out the time and deadline for several parts of the estate administration and we will keep you advised of the court required deadlines. The length of time to complete each estate is dependent upon the assets, debts, and whether the sale of real estate is required.

What you should bring/know/have before coming in:
For your first appointment , you will be asked to bring certain documents and information.  Please refer to the Probate Checklist for a comprehensive list.