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Social Security Disability

As an experienced Social Security Disability and Worker’s Compensation firm, we’re here to offer wise guidance, timely adivce, and clear communication so you fully know what to expect as we work to resolve your case.  Our goal is to keep you fully informed at every stage of the process.

Steps in the process:
You will meet with the attorney to review the status of your social security disability or workers compensation claims. We will determine the steps needed to pursue any appeals and possible representation.

A written retainer agreement outlining the attorney fees and costs will be provided to you at the appointment. These cases are handled on a contingent fee percentage of benefits paid plus any out-of-pocket costs. No attorney fees are due until the case is completed.

Time frame:
The time to complete social security disability or workers compensation claims is almost entirely dependent upon the schedule of that agency. The Social Security Administration sets the hearing dates and The Bureau of Workers Compensation has pre-established rules for claims and hearings.

What you should bring/know/have before coming in:
You will be asked to bring with you at your appointment any denial decisions received from Social Security and any Workers Compensation documents. We will then evaluate your case for representation.

We associate with other attorneys in the handling of the social security disability and workers compensation cases. You will be provided complete information about those attorneys and be kept fully informed of the progress of your case.